A brief history about us

The human body, like any other normal working system does sometimes get ‘faulty’ so to say. This faultiness comes in the form of ailments or other sorts of injuries that can be incurred in one way or the other. 

In comes the Wima-Getting Better Company, a recently founded company and though still young in the game, has all the know-hows involved with Health issues. After looking around and analyzing the state of the health sector not only in our country but in more parts of the globe as well, we discovered that health treatments and cures are not fairly and affordably accorded everywhere as they are supposed to and hence we decided to come up. With our excellent team of experts in all aspects of Health related issues, the Wima-Getting Better Company is up and ready to get you back into top notch shape and at prices that are guaranteed to be fair. 

What we offer

At our company, we have the ability to treat and cure all issues associated with your health. We take each and every one of our received patients’ problems very seriously no matter how ‘small’ their problem may be. Be it a cut on your pinky finger or to a more serious health condition, our team of experts will handle you with utmost professionalism and care so as to make you feel better in no time. We are dedicated to getting to the very core of your health problem and totally rooting it out to ensure you are completely cured before parting from our hands. We also have ambulances and medics that can be dispatched to your home in case of a very abrupt health emergency that requires immediate medical attention thus you can rest assured always knowing that the people at Wima-Getting Better Company are there to take care of you in your time of need. 

A little something extra…

Aside from the general health services, we also have a dedicated wing to help people undergoing physical therapy that may have been as a result of surgery or extreme injury to the affected part. Our nurses will help you recover with the utmost patience so you can not only regain your normal health but your self-confidence as well. 

More to that, we offer the services of having blood tests, STI tests as well as many other kinds of health tests one may need done all from the comfort of your home. What happens is that we ask for a sample of the required specimen for the test required and you can mail it directly to our offices for testing and you can have the results sent back to you in not more than two days. Pretty convenient for those things you want to have on the down low!  

Health products are also a major part of us. We provide all sorts of health products one may ever need as recommended by any nutritionist or doctor, ranging from mineral and vitamin supplements as well as general herbal medicines and energy drinks. Call us at our offices or visit our website for the full list of products and services.



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Read the comments of some of the patients that we have helped.

I had this sore on my back that would not just let out….Thank God I found the help of Wima. They examined the area and gave me an ointment and some pills and I was all better in less than a week!  I don’t know where I’d be without their help!
Mark Cage

I fell off my boyfriend’s motorbike when I’d decided to take it out for a ride. Got a few scratches on my arm, nothing major but they were not healing properly. The Products I got from Wima helped smooth things out in no time!
Sally Mates

My youngest son developed a complication with his stomach and after countless unfruitful attempts at local hospitals, we finally got around to Wima. They examined him for a bit and we discovered he had a case of amoeba infection. They prescribed some medication as well as some diet tips and I got my kid healthy again! Thanks Wima!
Geordes Summers